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Sparks Consulting empowers life science clients by pinpointing R&D process gaps and delivering tailored solutions. Our expertise ensures seamless strategic alignment, compliance and user-friendly outcomes.


Hello, let me introduce myself…

I’m Jakub Surina and I bring over two decades of diverse experience in the dynamic landscape of the healthcare industry, with a predominant focus on big pharma and the biotech sector, where I held positions in study management, global IT functions, product & portfolio management as well as strategic functions.

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Our Mission

Our mission is to facilitate enduring operational transformations for our clients by leveraging our profound expertise in IT and pharmaceuticals, coupled with a robust project management methodology. We specialize in optimizing processes, assessing and selecting solutions and implementing IT solutions for pharmaceutical, biotech and device companies.

Our commitment to proactive change management sets us apart. Ideally integrated early in the project lifecycle, we provide continuous support from process and product evaluation (including proof-of-concept and user acceptance testing) to post-implementation activities.
Our focus is to establish robust ownership structure (RACI) and a functional operational governance framework. This includes implementing best practices in change management, encompassing communication, training and ongoing support.

Taking a value-centric approach, we tailor our support to projects, enabling our clients to concentrate on their core strength – delivering groundbreaking products to patients.

Our contribution to projects is characterized by knowledge-driven insights and best practices. We firmly believe that every Life Science organization deserves solutions and services that are user-friendly, well-designed and easily accessible.

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“The worldwide digital transformation has an impact on almost every novel development within healthcare and we aspire to help organizations with their most important initiatives”